Climb Aconcagua Solo

A first hand account of a successful unguided, solo climb of Aconcongua.

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Aconcagua Solo Climb Summary Table

Day 1

Travel to Mendoza

Day 2

Arrive Mendoza. Get supplies and permit. I would recommend adding one or two additional nights in Mendoza to not be rushed and to rest from the flights.

Day 3

Bus mid morning to Los Penitentes. Sort and separate gear for Confluencia and gear for Plaza de Mulas and drop off in the evening to mule provider.

Day 4

Get ride from mule provider from Los Penitentes to the park entrance. Hike to Camp Confluencia. Consider one or two additional nights here for acclimatization.

Day 5

Hike to Plaza de Mulas (Basecamp). Expect seven plus hours depending on weather. Expect possible high winds through the valley. Locate gear, setup camp.

Day 6

Acclimatization hike to Canada. Took it slow and easy; 3.5 hours to Canada.

Day 7

Easy schedule today. Explored the refugio. Hiked half way up Cerro Bonete. Prepared and sorted gear for a carry to Canada for tomorrow.

Day 8

Did a load carry to Camp Canada.

Day 9

Performed the move to Canada. Plan and be sure to balance your load for your carry and move up. Otherwise, you will have a monster load moving higher.

Day 10

Performed an acclimatization hike and carry #1 to Camp Nido de Condores.

Day 11

Acclimatization hike and carry #2 to Camp Nido.

Day 12

Performed the move to Nido. Easy pace, 4.5 hours up.

Day 13

Scheduled day of rest. Located a frozen pond as my new water source.

Day 14

Acclimatization hike and carry to Camp Berlin

Day 15

Move up to Berlin. Pace of two hours and forty minutes. Prepare summit gear.

Day 16

Summit and return to Berlin

Day 17

Descend to Basecamp

Day 18

Descend to the park entrance

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